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Announcement of significant change to the voting rights according to law 3556/2007
Blue Star Maritime S.A. (Issuer) announces in accordance to L. 3556/2007 and following respective information received from Marfin Investment Group Holdings S.A. (MIG) that, on 15th November 2007 the controlling percentage of MIG in the share capital and voting rights of the Issuer has increased from 48.795% to 50.18%.
This percentage includes
a) a 1.38% percentage corresponding to 1,449,737 shares of the Issuer which are held directly by MIG and
b) a 48.795% percentage corresponding to 51,235,000 shares of the Issuer which are held indirectly by MIG following the acquisition of the majority (>50%) of the voting rights of Attica Holdings S.A.