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We inform you that the Athens Exchange has moved to a new address Starting Wednesday Jan 15 2014, this page and sub-pages of the sites and will no longer be updated with new information and data, although they will remain online for a certain period for purposes of reference and smooth migration to the new web site. For any further information you can contact us via e-mail at the address
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Press Releases From Date To Date Title
30/07/2009 1st Repeated Ordinary General Meeting
05/10/2006 Announcement
28/03/2006 2005 Review: Ongoing ascending course - Positive estimations for 2006
24/02/2006 BETANET S.A. and the 100% subsidiary's EKAT - ETAN S.A.2003-2004 ordinary tax control review
29/12/2005 New private project for "CH. KATSELIS SONS S.A."
28/11/2005 Ongoing growth for the third quarter of 2005- New private project.
20/10/2005 Press Release
19/10/2005 New important private project - International Awarding for BETANET S.A.
15/09/2005 Ongoing growth for the first semester of 2005
02/08/2005 New important project for BETANET Group
28/07/2005 Increase of 6M financial results - New private projects - New innovative products - 6 year bond of BETANET's subsidiary.
23/06/2005 Press Release Annual General Assembly's Decisions
23/06/2005 Resolutions of the General Meeting
24/12/2004 New project for BETANET
11/11/2004 New important project for BETANET group
25/10/2004 Increased turnover and pre-tax profits for the first nine months of 2004 Infrastructure improvements New projects
02/09/2004 Resolutions of General Meeting
02/09/2004 Purchase of treasury shares
21/06/2004 Resolutions of General Meeting
18/06/2004 Dividend payment for the fiscal year 2003